Compounding Blog Posts: The Best Way to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic [New Data]

We’ve all dreamt about writing a blog post so good that it generates more and more traffic each month after it’s published. Sounds like a pipe dream … right?

Turns out, this isn’t a pipe dream after all. We recently found that there are unique blog posts in the archives of many business blogs that generate compounding traffic month over month and year over year.

In fact, in the inaugural HubSpot Research report, Compounding Blog Posts: What They Are and Why They Matter, analysis of traffic from nearly 20,000 customer blog posts showed that compounding posts generate the same traffic as six ‘decaying’ blog posts.

Want to learn more about these compounding blog posts? What makes them so special? Check out the infographic below and click here to download the full report.


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free HubSpot research report: compounding blog posts

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