Want to Boost Office Productivity? Start With These Break Room Hacks [Infographic]

There’s more to productivity at work than blocking Facebook or only checking your email at certain intervals. It turns out that taking breaks — and I don’t just mean for lunch — can do wonders for your long-term focus.

That’s where your office’s break room comes in. But did you know that the atmosphere and contents of the break room can have an effect on the quality of these breaks?

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen break rooms that provide healthy, hearty foods and furniture that encourages colleagues to connect with one another. I’ve also seen ones with blinding fluorescent lights and cabinets filled with packaged, processed foods that basically guarantee an afternoon sugar crash.

Want your office break room to be an inviting place for employees to take their breaks? Check out the infographic below from Quill for tips on perfecting your break room’s atmosphere, from the best snack foods for boosting brainpower to which color schemes help reduce stress.

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Article first found on lkolowich@hubspot.com (Lindsay Kolowich)

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