Why Embracing Doubt Makes You a Better Leader [Podcast]

It’s natural to be afraid of doubt — especially when you’re leading a team. You want to be the calm, cool, and collected leader … but inside you’re freaking out. 

Turns out, some of the best leaders and innovators are those who share their doubts with their team. That’s what Kevin Eyres, an executive coach for hyper-growth companies and former executive at LinkedIn, recommends to the leaders he works with. 

This week on The Growth Show, Eyres joins us to talk about the power of doubt, and how it can make you a more innovative leader. Some episode highlights include:

  • How company culture needs to change as you scale (2:40)
  • What most companies forget about when they grow (3:12)
  • Why conscious leadership fuels innovation (7:42)
  • Why it’s so tough for leaders to embrace doubt (10:04)
  • How LinkedIn differentiated itself in the early days from Myspace and Facebook (15:13)

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This is the fourth in a series of interviews we recorded live at INBOUND 2015 — stay tuned for more over the next few weeks. Also, check out the latest recaps of The Growth Show episodes by clicking here.

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Article first found on gsoskey@hubspot.com (Ginny Soskey)

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