How to Compete With Google: One Startup’s Plan to Disrupt the #1 Search Engine in the World [Podcast]

If you were starting a business today, would you decide to go after one of the most monstrous companies in the world? 

Back in 2007, that’s precisely what Gabriel Weinberg did. He founded the company DuckDuckGo — a search engine that directly competes with Google.

Its differentiator? When you search for something using DuckDuckGo, you are completely anonymous. This function has made DuckDuckGo a true contender against Google. In fact, it’s grown nearly 600% in the past year, and recently became profitable.

How do you compete with a company when their brand name has become a verb? On this episode of The Growth Show, we sat down with Gabriel, the founder of DuckDuckGo and co-author of Traction, to find out.

Some episode highlights include:

  • How Gabriel found product-market fit for DuckDuckGo
  • Why he decided not to enlist the help of a co-founder
  • Tips on hiring your very first employee
  • Insights on how upstart companies can quickly find traction 

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Article first found on (Ginny Soskey)

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