True Confessions: Are You Guilty of These Marketing & Sales Pitfalls? [Video]


Sometimes, it’s really tempting to cut corners. 

It’s the end of the month. You’ve got an aggressive goal to hit. Will anyone really be that mad if you buy that list or make a couple cold calls? You promise — it’s just this once. 

But we all know how easy it is for that excuse to fall by the wayside. That thing you did just once spirals out of control, and pretty soon you’re relying on that tactic every single month. 

Turns out, there is a better way to market and sell. And for us to actually work toward making that inbound vision a reality, we’ve got to fess up to our mistakes. 

We’ll start. Check out the video below to see some pitfalls marketers and salespeople face — and get resources for avoiding them in the future.

Want to confess your own prospecting pitfalls? Use the meme generator below.

Article first found on (Ginny Soskey)

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