Overcoming Growth Obstacles: ClassPass’ Founder on Building One of the Hottest Fitness Startups [Podcast]


When Payal Kadakia quit her job at Warner Music Group, she didn’t have a backup plan. All she knew was she wasn’t happy in her current job — and she needed to do something about it. 

She spent several weeks trying to figure out what that something would be. After much soul-searching, she finally landed on her big idea: a fitness search engine that would surface new classes in your area. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. Her original idea didn’t quite pan out — she couldn’t get the traction she needed to grow it into a scalable business. 

But Payal didn’t give up. Three years and several pivots later, she has landed on a business model that works. Her company, now called ClassPass, is valued at over $400 million and has expanded to 36 cities and 3 countries worldwide.

In this episode of The Growth Show, Payal walks us through the twists and turns of building ClassPass — and what she’s learned along the way.

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Article first found on gsoskey@hubspot.com (Ginny Soskey)

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