HubSpot’s 2015 Year in Review: A Movement That Moved the Needle


What a year 2015 was for the inbound community! For HubSpot, it was a year of moving the needle — and being moved along the way.

We’re lucky enough to have built a company and a community that’s ambitious, crazy-focused, and talented enough to transform how the world’s organizations do business every day. We wouldn’t be here without the incredible global inbound community, including our customers and partners.

It’s these people that inspire me on a daily basis and make all the work that we do as a company worth it. Each year I find myself welling up time and time again during our annual INBOUND event where the impact of the inbound movement resonates for four days straight. The personal stories of individual people whose careers have dramatically changed trajectories for the better after embracing HubSpot and inbound get me every time.

In honor of their successes and the incredible growth that we saw as a company in 2015, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate with HubSpot’s 2015 Year in Review. In the past year:

  • We celebrated reaching 15,000 customers by dropping 15,000 orange ping pong balls over a balcony. (Naturally.) By year’s end, we reached 18,116 total customers.
  • We partnered with 2,900 agencies for our Agency Partner program.
  • We crossed the 1,000 employee mark and now have 1,157 talented employees, whose talent and culture earned us Glassdoor’s #4 Best Places to Work ranking.
  • We hosted 150 HUGs (HubSpot User Groups) all over the world.
  • We launched blogs in five new languages, including Portuguese, German, and French.

But as I noted earlier, our Year in Review isn’t just about us; it’s about the entire inbound community. So, think about your own Year in Review, and your own year ahead. How have you been moved by others in your career? How have you moved the needle? What moves have you made — and will you make — to do business better?

All in all, how are you #MovingAhead in 2016?

Click here to see HubSpot’s 2015 Year in Review. 

check out HubSpot's 2015 year in review

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