9 Simple Tips for Running More Productive Remote Meetings [SlideShare]


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More and more companies and agencies are establishing remote working options for employees as flexibility in work schedule and location has become an important benefit for top talent. 

In addition, some agency owners have built their companies to be completely virtual such as SmartBug Media, which has a team of 25 remote team members.

This structure has allowed Founder Ryan Malone to recruit the best talent from anywhere, and it gives his staff more options when determining the lifestyle and location they find most inspiring and fulfilling. 

However, managing a team of remote team members comes with its own challenges. And one of these is running effective meetings. When people are in various different environments, time zones, and even countries, things can start to get confusing. You need a process and structure for making these meetings work.

To learn how to set up and run better meetings with remote employees, check out the SlideShare from Shoretel below.


Article first found on joetting@hubspot.com (Jami Oetting)

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